About Us

Who Are We?

Queens Quarter is a provider of Dispersed Intensively Managed Hosuing (DIME) to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and has been delivering housing solutions and support services for the most socially excluded and isolated for over 20 years.

Our Principles

Developing and maintaining constructive working relationships with Service Users, colleagues and External Agencies. Working cohesively to achieve positive outcomes.

Working with Service users to provide interventions that not only make a positive difference, but also do so in ways that respect and value diversity including age, race, culture, disability, gender, spirituality and sexuality.

Recognising the rights and aspirations of Service Users, acknowledging power differentials and minimising them where possible. Providing a service that is accountable to Service Users and Stakeholders within the boundaries of ethical practice.

Addressing the causes and consequences of stigma, discrimination, social inequality and exclusion on Service Users.

Working in partnership with Service Users, External Agencies and Statutory Bodies to promote positive resettlement with hope and optimism.

Working in partnership to gather information to identify and agree needs in the context of the Service Users preferred lifestyle.

Negotiating achievable and meaningful goals from the perspective of the Service User. Influencing and seeking the means to achieve these goals and clarifying the responsibilities of the poeple who will provide any help that is needed, including systematically evaluating outcomes and achievements.  

Facilitating access to and delivering the best quality evidence based service to meet the needs and aspirations of Service Users.

Empowering the Service User to make informed and considered decisions regarding their health and safety. Promoting safety including assessing and dealing with possible risks for Service Users.

Participating in the life long learning, personal and professional developement through supervision, apprasal and training opportunities. Promoting opportunities for Service Users to engage in learning and development.